FEATURE SONG – Wish You Were Here

IMG_5748This is a new version of one of my old songs, written a year or so into a world trip that took in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

I was getting a little homesick and a bit over being on the move all the time, so the songs about that I suppose.

I wrote it when my ex-girlfriend, Amy, and I were living it up it a luxury cabin (pictured) in the foothills of the Andeas, in Northern Patagonia, Argentina .

The cabin was outside an artsy, hippie town called El Bolson – kinda like Argentina’s version of Bellingen in Australia.

We were surrounded by lush farms and forests, and it was only a short walk into town for awesomely delicious local delicacies and markets, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, full of buskers and spectacular arts and crafts.

I actually wrote a travel article about El Bolson if you’re interested (click here to read).

Anyhow, while I’ve always liked the tune, the chorus never worked for me, so I’ve written a new one for this version.

Hope you like it.


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