Song Idea 2

Spot lit smoky bars, whisky glasses, pool tables, faux timber hotel lobbies…

This all out blues jam with Brett Casey (bass) and Ben Rayor (drums) evolved out of a bit of post back balcony smoke mood bass from Mr. Casey. It has the feel of those audio worlds, lyrically populated with down and outers and film noir femme fatales, that I lapped up in my teens, I reckon.

I was incredibly grateful to Casey and Ben for giving me the opportunity in this jam to indulge myself with my first love, blues guitar improvisation, in the nourishing realm of their awesome blues mood creation.

Thought it might be nice to develop it into a bit of a return to my roots blues tune. What do you think?

Oh, it has a rather long slow intro, so if you’re short on time, maybe best off jumping to about a minute in.


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