This is in fact the first song I ever wrote solo. Surprisingly I continue to get a lot of positive feedback on it.

The truth-be-told, I didn’t actually write the main chord progression. That honour belongs to Mr Jesse Campbell, my old mate from high school who played bass in my first band Flax Burzle.

Jesse’s ¾ progression I think is a strong part of the song’s appeal.

At any rate, I wrote the song as a 19-year-old in a deep and dark depression, inspired by a hobo I’d seen on the street with whom I found myself disturbingly feeling an affinity.

It is a song about the limitations of fear.

The song was recorded at SBS studios with my cousin Stuart Christie and appears on our first EP as a duo known as Double Helix. Stuart works his magic on Djembe, a paired down drum kit and electric guitar.

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