Look At Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch (Cover)

‘Look at Miss Ohio’ is the first track of Gillian Welch’s fifth studio album Soul Journey, released in 2003.

It’s currently my favourite Gillian Welch tune, combining fantastic subject matter, economic use of words, a beautiful melody and a simple but interesting chord progression.

To me it perfectly encapsulates the youthful pursuit of fun and freedom. And it features my favourite Gillian Welch lyric, ‘I want to do right but not right now’.

What a line!

Unfortunately my guitar skills are by no means anywhere near as accomplished as Gillian Welch’s long time collaborator David Rawlings, who quite deservedly recently won the Americana Music Association’s Intrumentalist Of The Year award.

I borrowed a little from his killer first solo in the following video for the beginning of my solo. Unfortunately, I then had to resort to my limited singular mode improv. Rawlings is one of those guitarist who applies a jazz sensibility to his playing, shifting modes with each chord change and using dissonance with incredibly pleasing results – to me anyway – while all the while not getting lost in the technicality of it all and losing the feel.

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